Humus complex

100% organic certified fertilisers


Bio Plus is a new generation of humus fertilizers, developed using innovative biotechnology. BIO PLUS is produced of organic and environmentally-friendly raw materials with no chemical treatment in any of the production stages. BIO PLUS organic fertilizers, made of black peat using advanced, new and environmentally-friendly technology, are especially effective used both individually for organic farming and as an additional fertilizer in combination with other fertilizers and pesticides at farms engaged in traditional farming.

Economic BIO PLUS advantages


Increased yield by 40% and improved look of the products by


Reduced demand for mineral fertilizers by up to 30%, as well as reduced amount of mineral fertilizers used by 30%


Reduced amount of mineral fertilizers used by 30%


Reduced demand for watering by 30%, the demand for watering lawns in arid regions reduced twice

What makes BIO PLUS the best choice?

- Creates humus-rich soil;
- Protects the soil from erosion;
- Better crop germination;
- Stimulates plant rooting and growth, accelerates seed germination;
- Healthier plants. Greater yield;
- Increased resistance to heat and frost;
- Increases soil humidity 4-5 times;
- Neutralises the excess of radionuclides, heavy metals, pesticides and chemical fertilizer salts in the soil;
- Improves the flavour of plants and vegetables, as well as increases the amount of vitamins in them.

SOIL is farmers' major resource

Even while maintaining good soil structure, using soil for planting without restoring the organic and nutritional substances may:

  1. damage nutrient cycles;
  2. decrease fertility of the soil;
  3. destroy the balance of the agro-ecosystem.

BIO PLUS can be used for the following plants




Berry bushes

Fruit trees

Legume crops



Garden plants

Decorative plants and flowers


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