Seed preparation:

Soak the seeds in a solution of 60 ml of BIO+ for 10 litres of water (1 l of solution for 1 kg of seeds) for 6–8 hours. In case of using disinfection equipment, dry the seeds on a hard surface for 30–60 min.

Soil preparation:

Water the soil with a solution – 30 ml of BIO+ for 20 l of water. The solution remaining after seed soaking can also be used for soil preparation (by pouring it into planting holes and mixing with soil before planting). In order to improve the soil quality if it's not rich, the concentration of the BIO+ solution can be increased 2–3 times.

Plant processing:

After the plant has grown about 25–30 cm (before blooming), water the roots once with a solution of 30 ml of BIO+ for 20 litres of water. Continue to water the roots every 2 weeks until the plant is fully grown.

BIO+ fertilisers can be used together with KAS and other mineral fertilisers. Using together, dissolve the BIO+ concentrate in a small amount of water.

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