Drupes, citrus fruit, mango, coffee, cocoa


Seedling preparation:

Before planting, soak the roots in a solution of 10 l of water and +60 ml of BIO+ for 2 hours.

Plant processing:

After planting, water the plant's roots with a solution of 20 l of water with 60 ml of BIO+. During the vegetation period spray the plants with a solution of 20 l of water with 30 ml of BIO+ every 10–15 days.

Spray them only in the evening or in cloudy weather until the leaves are completely wet before and after blooming (before fruit germ formation).

Spraying the plants during the blooming period is strictly forbidden!

BIO+ fertilisers can be used together with KAS and other mineral fertilisers. Using together, dissolve the BIO+ concentrate in a small amount of water.

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