Soil preparation:

1 part of BIO+ for 10 parts of water and 20 parts of local soil (e.g. 1 litre of BIO+ to 10 litres of water and 20 litres of local soil). At the same time the soil can be treated with other mineral fertilisers.

Seedling preparation:

Soak the roots in a solution of 10 l of water and 60 ml of BIO+ for 2 hours.

Plant processing:

Spraying solution – 30 ml of BIO+ to 30 l of water.

Spraying times:

1 – after sprouting; 2 – upon the emergence of the first buds; 3 – after fruit formation.

Don't use the BIO+ solution in large temperature fluctuations.

Spray plants only in the evenings. The processing should be done in a temperature that is at least +8°C.

„BIO+ fertilisers can be used together with KAS and other mineral fertilisers. Using together, dissolve the BIO+ concentrate in a small amount of water.

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