Potted flowers


Soil preparation:

When planning to grow orchids or other flowers grown on coconut husk chips, soak the chips for 6–8 hours in a solution of 1 litre of BIO+ for 10 litres of water.

Plant processing:

Solution concentration for watering – 30 ml of BIO+ for 20 l of water.

Watering with BIO+ solution:

1st and 2nd watering – once a week; 3rd and further watering – once a month. The solution should be poured into the saucer.

Water the plant with BIO+ solution and cleat water alternately.

Keep to the watering regime, recommended for each type of flower.

BIO+ fertilisers can be used together with KAS and other mineral fertilisers. Using together, dissolve the BIO+ concentrate in a small amount of water.

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